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Scorpio Concepts

Where Technology meets Intelligence

About Scorpio Concepts

At Scorpio Concepts, we aim to bring your ideas to life!

Whether it is in the form of an office automation system, a small static website, dynamic web presence, advanced web application, mobile Android app or even microcontroller based electronic device - we want to help you realize it.

We will do our utmost to analyze, design, implement and support your project using our 16 years experience in the software, IT and electronic product fields.

At Scorpio Concepts, we also believe in delivering what is promised, for the price it was promised at. No charging by the hour for project overruns. If it was in the specification, it will be done.

So have a browse through our services offered , check out some of our free and open source software and contact us to begin discussing your requirements.

Services Offered

  • Windows, Linux or .NET applications

    We have 11 years’ experience in designing and implementing software solutions using the .NET framework and other Windows and Linux technologies to bring your application to life.

    We have experience with:
    1. .NET Framework v2.0 – v4.6 and .NET Core Framework
    2. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
    3. Data Visualization with multiple chart libraries
    4. Exporting to Excel, PDF, CSV and many more formats
  • Web sites or Web applications

    We have over 13 years’ experience creating powerful interactive web applications and websites using technologies such as:
    1. Apache Web Server and PHP
    2. Custom Web Servers coded in C#
    3. Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Mobile Apps

    We have developed multiple Android applications, either standalone for the phone or in conjunction with web services that provide rich data and interaction to users.
  • Electronic gadgets and products

    We can also help bring your electronic product or marketing idea to fruition by helping you with:
    1. PCB Design, Layout and Manufacturing
    2. Firmware development
    3. Marketing demos integrating technologies like Arduino or ESP8266
    4. Companion software development
  • IT Infrastructure and support

    Need some help designing, sourcing or maintaining your servers, workstations or network? We offer remote support via TeamViewer, and on-site support if and when required to our clients. We will also help you to find and source the best solution to your particular IT requirements.

Open Source / Free Software

This is a list of excelllent free or open source software by us and other companies that we use on a day to day basis.
NOTE: Some of these packages are only free for non-commercial use

  • Scorpio Concepts

    Libraries we use in our software, and other small fun projects
  • Software Development

    Full-featured Integrated Development Environments
  • Databases

    Relational Databases
    • PostgreSQL Full-featured, extremely fast, cross platform and open source Enterprise Database System.
    • SQL Server 2016 Express Free version of Microsoft's SQL Server, for small projects.
  • Graphics/Photo editing

    Produce and edit professional media assets
    • Paint.NET Very powerful image editor comparable to Adobe Photoshop and The GIMP
    • Inkscape Free, open source and cross platform. One of the best vector drawing packages in the world
  • Electronic Design

    Create schematics and PCB layouts
    • DipTrace Excellent Schematic and PCB design package free for designs with less than 300 pins
    • Eagle PCB Design Free for small PCB's, it's an excellent cross platform PCB design package
  • Others

    Variety of software that doesn't fit into a specific category
    • TeamViewer Simply the simplest and best Remote Support software
    • PuTTY Free SSH client for Windows
    • WinSCP Free Graphical SCP,SFTP and FTP client for Windows
    • Telegram Instant Messenger with native apps for every platform, and an API for interfacing to it, all for free

Contact Scorpio Concepts

Feel free to contact us, or check out our other online resources

Sebastian Schocke

Telephone: +27 (87) 702 2837
Mobile: +27 (60) 736 5868